I’m a Wahooligan!

I’m absolutely delighted to be able to announce that for the next twelve months I will be partnering with Wahoo Fitness. Creators of what I believe are the world’s best indoor trainers; I’ve been using one throughout this whole year and my cycling has come along leaps and bounds.

Alongside my Wahoo KICKR will soon be joined by a Wahoo ELEMNT. This bike computer is next level. Unparalleled features for route finding, navigation and easy to use power or heart rate zone LED lights will give me the option to really dial in my efforts on race day and in training. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this!

I’ve already got a TICKR but am looking forward to trialling the TICKRX. Again, Wahoo have tried to go next level with their top shelf heart rate monitor. Specifically, I’m looking forward to using the internal memory feature to track my intensity in the gym and at pilates.


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